Over 100 years of history

Our Family cultivates these vineyards since 1904 and the enthusiastic commitmentt the art of winemaking passed on from generation to generation. Our wines are thus cultivated following ancient tradition in order to safeguard the uniqueness of the surroundings.


Modern Technologies

The quality and authenticity of our wines is guaranteed by the promotion of ecofriendly agricultural practices, according to the EU standards. The wine making is furthermore carried out preserving traditions and exploiting modern technologies.


We use the most modern technologies that guarantee the sanity of the production process.


We have been producing wines for over 100 years, in this suitable area between the morainic hills and Lake Garda.


We have a welcoming store, where you can taste, get to know and buy our wines, or you can book a fully wine experience.


Bergamini Wine Arena

Scenic vineyard, created not only for an aesthetic and folkloric aspect. It is a completely natural vineyard: the cultivated vine variety is a "PIWI" variety resistant to the main fungal diseases of the vine and for this reason it has never undergone any phytosanitary treatment. Furthermore, to avoid the use of chemical herbicides against weeds, "thyme serpyllum" was sown which, being a ground cover variety, suffocates and inhibits the growth of weeds.


"L'arte delle Strope"

Le Strope: the oldest, most suitable and 100% ecological system for tying the vine shoots: "Far fora i stropei", this work was once done in the coldest days of winter, inside the stable, where there 'it was a little warmer. The "strope" decks are ready..

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Tour and tasting of our wines

We will take you to the heart of our family business, introducing you to our vineyards and their characteristics. You will then taste seven wines from our selection, accompanied by tasty platters of quality cold cuts and cheeses, bread and our extra virgin olive oil.